Finding Educational Value in Daily Activities

Our homes often bring us peace and security at the end of a long day. It’s the place where we spend quality time with the family and gather for celebrations. Lakes of Savannah in Pearland offers residents a sanctuary they can call home. Recently, with kids out of school, our daily routines have been disrupted. Our homes have become an office, a school, a gym, and a playground. The kids are missing their friends and looking at you to provide all their entertainment needs. It’s difficult to manage all of the roles, but finding activities that are fun and educational is beneficial and efficient.

Make a recipe - parents can incorporate math and science lessons all while having fun. Bonus that dinner is checked off the list also!

Write letters to family or neighbors - brighten someone’s day while working in some basic writing skills.

Make a fort or obstacle course - hours of entertainment all while using planning and problem solving skills.

Watch movies and read books together - spend quality down time together as your child reads out loud to you. Give some screen time, but have your child write a summary of a movie or episode they watched.

Plant some flowers - incorporate science into your gardening activities.

Sort socks or silverware - work on matching skills and get a little assistance with laundry.

You may find yourself missing the chaos when your sanctuary returns, but in the meantime keep finding ways to incorporate education into daily activities.