Alvin ISD Plans For Upcoming Fall

Alvin ISD leaders have been preparing a plan for students safe return to in the fall. The district decided at the June 9 Board Meeting to move the start date of school from August 20, 2020 to August 12, 2020. The district anticipates disruptions and is working on being proactive by building six extra days into the calendar. 


The school year is scheduled to end on May 28, 2021. There are several contingency plans put in place for the upcoming school year.

Alvin ISD has incorporated a large committee to assist in reopening plans for the district. The Alvin ISD Forward 2020 Committee consist of district administrators, campus administrators, parents, and teacher leaders.

There are three student learning scenarios the district is planning for based guidelines received from the Texas Education Agency and the CDC:

Face-to-face instruction - all students are back in our schools receiving in-person instruction. This scenario will ensure that students are familiar with the virtual platform in the event we have to quickly switch to an all-virtual setting again. 

Virtual instruction - all students are at home receiving remote instruction via Google Classroom. 

Hybrid model - some students are back in our schools receiving in-person instruction and some students are at home receiving virtual instruction. 

Alvin ISD will continue to meet and monitor the situation to best provide for students and families. The district will continue to communicate changes as they occur.

Have a safe summer! The approved calendar can be found at