Preparing Your Home for The Market

Have you fallen in love with a house in Lakes of Savannah, but need to sell your existing home? When selling your house, you will want to highlight what makes it unique. Preparing your home for sell is a critical step that you can’t afford to skip out on. Finding economical ways to add value to your home can help bring in the offer you are hoping for. 

Here are a few tips to make a great first impression before taking listing photos and showing your house to a potential buyer.

Spring Clean - Take your cleaning efforts up a notch or two. Everything from inside your appliances to the cobwebs on your chandelier should be spotless. Think gleaming!

Get rid of the clutter - Now is the perfect time to go through all of your closets, cabinets and attic space and donate items you haven’t used in years. Store seasonal clothing away and pack up unnecessary objects. Buyers want to see the space, not the clutter. Cleaning out closets and cabinets allows a buyer to see the storage potential of your home.

Take the animals out - We love our animals, but your buyer may not. Take your beloved animal to a neighbors or on a car ride for showings. Hide all signs of pet ownership, such as food bowls, litter boxes and toys.

Spruce up your floors - Steam clean your carpets and remove any spots or stains. If your carpet is beyond repair, consider replacing with an updated flooring option. Shine up your hardwood floors and refinish worn or damaged sections. You can strategically place rugs, but remember you must disclose any damage.

Let there be light - Let as much natural light in by opening up curtains or raising the blinds. Turn on lights throughout the house and make sure any burned out bulbs are replaced. Replace outdated lamps and utilize newer lamps in dark areas.

Neutralize your walls - Transforming an outdated space with a simple coat of paint can make all the difference! Stick with a currently popular neutral that will appeal to more buyers.

Spruce up your house today and get it market ready!

SOURCE: Dave Ramsey