Local Residents are Taking to the Trails

The new social distancing and stay-at-home orders have created an increase in outdoor lifestyle. There appears to be an increase number of families and individuals enjoying family walks and bike rides. Lakes of Savannah has trails throughout the community, providing safe walking, jogging and biking. 

Many public parks and trails in Pearland have remained open despite the stay-at-home orders. Although park equipment is off limits, people are utilizing the trails. Community members have taken advantage of improving their physical and mental strength while maintaining safe social distancing.

Families need a break from being under the same roof together all day working, entertaining and doing school work. They seek some fresh air and removal of boundaries. Families are slowing down their typical frantic pace and trying to make the best out of their time at home.

Pearland Bicycles business has been steady despite the downswing many other businesses have faced. Falling under the transportation category, bike shops were allowed to remain open as an essential business. In addition to selling bikes and accessories, they have been busy with repairs. 

Pearland Bicycles is following all safety precautions and social distancing practices. It is a small shop, so only two customers are allowed in at one time. Visit online for more information about Pearland Bicycles.

SOURCE - Community Impact