Discover Hidden Treasures in the Official Pearland GeoTour!

Who wants to find hidden treasures in Pearland?!

Pearland officially has geocaching!

What is geocaching? Geocaching is a global phenomenon where you search for caches and hidden treasures in the outdoors.

Here are some helpful tips provided by the city of Pearland to help you get started: 

  1. Look high, look low. Geocaches may be tucked away, behind, or under things. But you can put your shovel away—geocaches will never be buried! 
  2. Geocaches can be tricky! Look for items that seem out of place and keep a wary eye for disguised objects.
  3. Mind your geocaching manners. Treat the environment and the geocache with respect and care and leave it just as you found it.
  4. Bring a pen! Not only do many geocaches have notepads for you to sign, it may help you to decipher clues.  
  5. Consider bringing some “treasures” to share! Geocaches often have small trinkets inside. If you plan on taking one, be sure you have brought a small something to trade.


 Are you up for the challenge?

In Pearland, you’ll be able to find over 30 geocaches to add to your collection. Your adventure will take you far and wide, including to our city’s beloved parks. Think that sounds too easy? Think again. In total, our parks cover 175 acres, and your adventure in Pearland will put your geo-skills to the test! Others will be found in historical haunts and cultural gems around town. You’ll not only be closer to becoming a geocache master—but you’ll also become a master of all things Pearland.

You'll find the Visit Pearland GeoTour on the official geocaching website. Download and print out this passport to help keep track of your progress and to claim the coveted geocoin prize, alongside other exciting Pearland geo-prizes.

Once you’re ready, email your completed passport to, or you can mail it over to the Visit Pearland office at: 

11200 Broadway Street,

Suite 139

Pearland, TX 77584


Happy hunting!!