Alvin ISD Trustee Election Results

All polling places have reported, Albert Johnson III ("AJ") won the majority vote for Position 1 in Alvin ISD. He received 2,367 votes, which equates to 50.22% of the total vote. He will take over for incumbent Julie Pickren, who garnered 2,002 votes, which turned out to be 42.48% of the total vote. Elanza Pitre-Wilson followed up these candidates with 344 votes (7.3%).

Cory Scott won the majority for the Position 2 vote, with 2,006 votes (43.17%). Binu John received 244 votes (5.25%) while Judy Ann Peterson won 371 votes, (7.98%).

This made way for Vernice Seriale Jr. to receive 899 votes (19.35%) and Regina Stredic with 1,127 votes (24.25%).

Incumbent Cheryl B. Harris, by a close margin, won the majority vote for Alvin ISD’s Position 3. She won 1,745 votes (37.41%) while Ron Lockett II garnered 1,450 votes (31.09%), and Shirley Dill Brothers who took 1,469 votes (31.5%).

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