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Connect with Lakes of Savannah! Here you can find all of the latest news for the Lakes of Savannah and the Pearland/Alvin area.

How Students Served on Alvin ISD’s “The Day”
children running

Alvin ISD held the second annual community service event, “The Day,” last Saturday, September 14, and had an amazing turnout! 

The students and parents of Lakes of Savannah contributed their time to serve different parts of the community. Each school was responsible for a different event... Read More »

Important Dates for Pomona Elementary
mother and daughter

The community of Lakes of Savannah understands that the parents of Pomona Elementary students are incredibly busy and would like to be a resource to remind parents and students of any school dates that may be important. This next week will be a busy one for the students of Pomona Elementary!... Read More »

Rodeo Palms Jr. High Students Recognized by Duke University’s Talent Identification Program

What an honor it is to announce that several students from the Lakes of Savannah community’s junior high school were recognized by the Duke University Talent Identification Program 7th Grade Talent Search!

Eight out of 48 Alvin ISD students who were recognized by Duke TIP attend Rodeo... Read More »

Beneezy Purple Monkey Fun Run Event at Alvin High School
people running in a marathon

Tomorrow is the day for the annual Beneezy Purple Monkey Fun Run Event at Alvin High School! This event includes a 1k that is perfect for children to participate in, and a 5K and 10K for adults. The kids’ 1K race will begin at 7:00 a.m. followed by the next races at 7:30 a.m. Runners will be... Read More »

Alvin ISD plans 2nd Annual, “The Day,” Community Service Event
community volunteering

    Since school is back in session, there is no better time for community service. This helps students learn the importance of teamwork, service, and spending time in their communities. Lakes of Savannah is excited to help announce Alvin ISD’s second annual Community Service Event called, “The... Read More »

Lakes of Savannah High School Dates and a District Hashtag
apple and books in a classroom

Let’s take a moment to congratulate all of our Lakes of Savannah students and teachers for a great start to the school year! We hope that the first two days have been nothing short of incredible. We know that the Manvel High School Volleyball team is stoked about their wins in three sets! Hoka... Read More »

Counselor Recognition and Info About the Back to School Health Fair
students walking back to school

As summer comes to an end here at Lakes of Savannah, teachers and administrators are preparing for the influx of children in their own schools. So, Alvin ISD is hosting a district wide Back to School Health Fair and Operation Backpack 2019 tomorrow, Saturday, August 10 (more information below).... Read More »

Reminders for a Smooth Start to the School Year

To all the parents of Lakes of Savannah, do you know what your morning commute for the school year looks like yet? The buses have started running, which means that it’s about time you should, too. If your child hasn’t been completely enrolled for the bus system, complete the online registration... Read More »


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