Preparing for the First Day of School

It’s almost that time again! As the month of August nears, young residents of Lakes of Savannah will prepare to head back to school.

Knowing the basics of your child's school year dynamic lays a foundation for chaos-free mornings. Be sure to know where and at what time the school bus arrives. If the bus isn’t your transportation of choice, organize and confirm carpool schedules. Also, be prepared for the student drop-off site to have a long line. Head up to your child’s campus with him or her a few days before school starts to find their locker and where their classes is located.

Moving beyond the basics can make school days even smoother. Ensure that everyone, (even mom and dad) is getting their eight hours of sleep. Although the schoolweek is Monday through Friday, keep in mind Sunday night is a school night, too! Scheduling homework time every day will keep your child's grades up, as well as establish good study habits.

Is your child getting the jitters about the first day of school? Easy some anxiety by taking him or her to shop for school supplies. Let them pick out their school clothes and have them help label everything with their name. Meeting the teacher before the first day of class can also ease a nervous child.

Hopefully these tips will help your whole family get ready to go back to school. To find out more about the first day of school, please visit the Alvin ISD homepage.