Pearland Resident Patents New Medical Treatment

New treatments for diseases, disorders, and medical issues are being researched and sought after every day. We can now thank one of our very own local Pearland residents for his creation of one of these vital treatments.

Miguel Cruz, a Baylor College of Medicine scientist and resident of Pearland, has received a patent for developing a new way to treat sepsis, thrombosis and other ailments as of February 1, 2011.

Cruz is an Associate Professor with Baylor’s Division of Thrombosis Research. Cruz’s breakthrough invention explains how doctors can manipulate certain properties of the blood protein called “von williebrand” to help patients with Sepsis (blood poisoning) or Thrombosis (blood clots) by means of isolating a certain group of amino acids from the protein that can be purified and used for treatment.

Cruz is listed as the sole inventor of this new method and Baylor College of Medicine owns the patent.