New Pearland Fire Chief Reports for Duty

On Monday, April 4th, the new Chief of the Pearland Fire Department, Vance Riley, reported for duty and began the tasks of his new leadership role.

Riley has been the Fire Chief in Victoria, Texas for the past 16 years, but has also served as the Friendswood Fire Marshall and worked for the Clive, Iowa Fire Department.

Bill Eisen, Pearland City Manager, is very happy with the decision to hire Riley and stated that “[his] background makes him particularly well-suited to Pearland’s Fire Department.” Eisen goes on to state that “he has experience in just about every kind of Fire Department there is including a combination department”.

The new Chief has arrived just in time to handle the hot, dry, South Texas summer months and will likely have his work cut out for him. Pearland is lucky to have such a qualified individual at their service!