Monument for Pearland Parkway

Pearland Parkway has many beautiful sites to behold as the residents of Pearland drive up and down the highway. The newest addition will be a 30-foot column that will resemble that of the San Jacinto Battleground State Historic Site in La Porte. The Pearland column will feature an acrylic blue star atop the column. “Project Stars' focus is regional, playing off such focal nearby points as the battleground and the Battleship Texas. ‘Gateways’ such as the one planned for Pearland also help beautify strategic entrances to communities, said Chad Burke, the alliance's president and CEO.”

While it will not mark a historical site, the hope is to build tourism and strike interest in Texas history. It will take time, but the column is expected to be an economic tool. It will put Pearland on the map of places to visit. Similar projects have included “gateways of steel and concrete built in La Porte and Morgan's Point, and others are planned in Jacinto City and Seabrook. The most spectacular result of Project Stars are the huge murals on storage tanks in Deer Park and Pasadena showing scenes honoring Texas' struggle for independence from Mexico”.