Manvel High Launches to Success

Manvel High School students will be competing for the first time against high schools nationwide in a competition style program called NASA HUNCH (Highschools United with NASA to Create Hardware). 

These future engineers have been working diligently in hopes that their prototype will be chosen to support upcoming space missions. The students work in groups to develop a product from scratch based on NASA’s current space station needs. Projects include a zero-g mouse food dispenser feeder, lunar sleep rack, and lunar wheels. 

Manvell HS Engineering Teacher, Jacob Smith, has supported the students endeavors through inspiration and encouragement. Mr. Smith reported that “Their three years of courses leading up to this class have more than taught them about the tools necessary to complete the NASA challenges”. 

Although HUNCH concludes at the end of April, these students will take these skills with them as they continue their educational journey.. 

Source: Alvin ISD