Knapp Senior Center Hosts Recycling Presentation

The Knapp Senior Center and the Stella Roberts Recycling Center is ahead of the curve when it comes to recycling! They know that what they throw away today, affects their grandchildren tomorrow.

The Stella Roberts Recycling Center has a rewards program for residents that consistently and frequently recycle. Items that can be processed at the center include paper, cardboard, aluminum cans, metal cans, glass and plastic. Completed rewards punch cards can be entered into a quarterly drawing for the opportunity to win a gift certificate to the Pearland Olive Garden, 2808 Smith Ranch Road. The rewards program is sponsored by Keep Pearland Beautiful.

According to their website, The Knapp Center is fortunate to have members already pushing to Go Green because they realize that our natural resources are not in endless supply, they spend countless hours doing their part to save our environment.

Inside the Pearland City Limits the center will pick up selected recyclable materials including clear & colored number 1 bottles and number 2 plastic bottles, glass, newspaper, magazines, Catalogs, telephone books, printer & copy paper, mail, aluminum Cans, steel Cans, and steel lids. To recycle other materials visit the Stella Roberts Recycling Center in person.

Join the Knapp Senior Center for their presentation on March 29th at 9:30am in the Quilting Room!

Does your family recycle?