How Students Served on Alvin ISD’s “The Day”

Alvin ISD held the second annual community service event, “The Day,” last Saturday, September 14, and had an amazing turnout! 

The students and parents of Lakes of Savannah contributed their time to serve different parts of the community. Each school was responsible for a different event, and there were even groups within the schools that organized other ways to serve. The Lakes of Savannah community would like to highlight how the community’s schools spent their Saturday – 

Pomona Elementary: 
A group of teachers, parents, and students decorated water bottles to hand out to the community’s First Responders. This is a great way to thank them, especially in the hot Houston weather! Another group held a free car wash for anyone who drove by the school, and had a fun time doing it! 

Rodeo Palms Junior High:
The Razorbacks tackled three services on The Day! One group held a free car wash at the school completed with hot dogs for all. Another group of students, parents, and teachers went to Manvel Police Department to give the officers a free car wash, and the last group mulched the park to help beautify Lakes of Savannah. Thank you, Rodeo Palms Junior High students!

Manvel High School:
The Hoka Hey teams helped wherever they were needed! Bikes received free tune-ups at Manvel High School. The Volleyball and Cross-Country teams combined their efforts to donate food and toiletries to the food pantry at The Well on Masters Road, while the Yearbook club sorted the donations. According to Manvel High School’s Twitter, 424 families were served this last week through the donation! The AP group cleaned the barn with Mr. Coleman, and the Manvel Football and Track team helped tidy the grounds at New Hope Church.

All of the students, parents, and teachers did amazing work. Special thanks to Alvin ISD for this event and every individual who served on The Day!

SOURCE: Alvin ISD Facebook Page