ESPN’s College Gameday Features Former Manvel Student, Kyle Trask

football player

Former Manvel High School football player, Kyle Trask, was featured in an ESPN College Football Special! What makes this Florida Gator’s Quarterback so special is that he never started a varsity football game. Through hard work, persistence and dedication, Kyle Trask took his athletic career to a whole new level. 

Trask impressed recruiters with his loyalty to the sport. He learned perseverance at a very young age because his mother always taught him to “persevere no matter what is facing you.” While many recruiters looked over him, Trask’s high school coach, Kendrick Crumedy, told the doubtful recruiters, “We’re going to make you look very, very smart. Just let your guy watch him.”

After suspenseful events of simply watching Trask, Jim McElwain, Head Coach at the University of Florida at the time, offered him a scholarship. Dan Mullen took over as Head Coach in 2018 and expressed how “interesting” coaching a Quarterback who had never started was going to be. Kyle Trask stated that he “just wanted the opportunity to compete here in Florida.” His strategy was to “be optimistic through the whole process” and that was exactly how he became a spectacular University of Florida Quarterback. 

SOURCE: Alvin ISD Facebook