De-Stress and De-Clutter Your Closets

The holiday season is the perfect time to get organized, categorized, and neatly arranged. Start by cleaning out the closets, so that when cleaning up for the holidays the closets and other places where things are stored are ready, instead of cramming them in at the last minute.

Go through each closet with two baskets: stuff to donate and stuff to discard. Linen closets should have three sets of wash cloths, towels, and bed sheets per person, plus a set for guests. Once the closets are cleaned out, purchase storage bins or baskets in the same color to create storage space in the closets. Dollar stores and discount stores often have storage bins and baskets available at affordable prices. Also using the back of closet and cupboard doors adds increases storage space. These tips will create plenty of storage so that every miscellaneous item will find a home.

Maintaining organizational habits is easier when it flows naturally into every day activities. For example, if the kids come home from school every day and dump their belongings at the back door create a systematic solution at the back door. Set up a book shelf and put a storage basket with each child’s name on it. Place the the bins at the child’s eye level and use the bottom shelf for shoes.

These simple organizational ideas will keep the home stress and clutter free through out the holidays, and every day. For more ideas on how to improve your home, visit the Better Homes & Gardens homepage.