The City of Pearland is Improving the Traffic Problem

Frazzled Pearland commuters will welcome the news that a location for the Pearland Park & Ride has been chosen along the Texas 288 corridor near JCPenny. While it has been difficult to get a location approved, the Federal Transit Authority excluded this location from normal regulations. This is vital because they help fund sites such as park & rides.

The hope of the Pearland Park & Ride is that it will ease the hairy traffic that goes up and down 288 each day. "We've crossed the first hurdle," said Jon Branson, an assistant city manager for Pearland and the city's representative in a stakeholders group of local entities pushing to develop a local Park & Ride. "Obviously, I would have liked to have seen it happen a year ago."

Another benefit drivers have to look forward to is that later this year the city will be installing new high tech traffic lights that will have the ability to communicate with one another. These traffic signals will run along FM 518 from FM 1128 to Texas 288. Another Assistant City Manager, Mike Hodge said, "We're hoping to have field implementation by the end of August and have it in place before the holiday season begins, if it is successful, it's our hopes we can implement it in other corridors." This project that seems like something out of a sci-fi movie will receive a federal energy grant covering $420,000 of the $460,000. The rest of the tab will be paid by the City of Pearland.