City Expands 911 Dispatching Service

In its continuing effort to improve services for residents, the City of Pearland is outsourcing its 911 call dispatching for Pearland Fire and Emergency Medical Services (EMS) to Harris County Emergency Corps - a move aimed at expanding the City’s level of service in a cost effective manner. 

“Harris County Emergency Corps is a premier emergency medical services organization dedicated to preserving lives through clinical excellence and progressive medicine and we are committed to offering the best service to Pearland residents,” said Mark Smith, VP of Administration, Harris County Emergency Corps. 

The change will ensure the availability of additional 911 dispatchers to handle the more than 10,000 calls received annually by the City’s EMS and Fire Departments. Additionally, through this service, 911 dispatchers will be trained on software and procedures that are specifically related to fire and EMS services.   

“These specialized dispatchers are in effect a force multiplier for response personnel.  Those who call for assistance will be given pre-arrival instructions, and may be coached through life saving techniques such as CPR, or administering Aspirin to someone who may be having a heart attack,” said Fire Chief Vance Riley. 

The City’s own emergency communications center and its 11 full-time and 4 part-time dispatchers will now be able to focus on the ever-increasing demand for police services. The City’s communications center will continue to be the initial answering point for all 911 calls. Calls transferred between the two centers are nearly instantaneous and will not cause a delay for those needing service because both communications centers are part of the Greater Harris County 911 network.

“This is a landmark move for public safety communications in Pearland,” said Pearland EMS Chief Daniel Baum. “This will ensure the best possible service for Pearland residents and allow the Fire and EMS Departments to focus on its core business of putting out fires, rescuing and saving lives,” he continued.