Are you ready for Super Bowl Sunday?

Super Bowl Sunday is just around the corner, check out 5 things for home field advantage if you are hosting a party this year:

 The Crowd – make sure you have enough people.  You’ll want to have a good mix of people including die-hard football fans and less-fanatic fans.  Having the right amount of people is key to keeping the mood lively and fun.The TV – you’ll want at least at 42” HD TV.    People expect a big TV for the ultimate game day experience and surround sound is an added plus.  A 42” TV or larger is a good idea for the main room with smaller TVs available in other areas of the house if you’re expecting a really large crowd.  The Menu – smaller snack foods are perfectly fine for the pre-game with a choice of more substantial main dishes served buffet style.  Feeding a group of friends in your living room for the big game is much less stressful than a dinner party. Have fun with recipes to create a memorable, easy menu.  Staples include pizza, chili, Buffalo wings, or hearty sandwiches.  Of course, you’ll want to have plenty of beverages on hand for the day too.  The Seating – you’ll want to make sure you have plenty of comfortable seating for your guests.  Try to have a cushioned chair for every guest if possible.  Ottomans, beanbags and gaming chairs are great short-term solutions.The Atmosphere – keep the mood light and fun.  Try to have something else to do at halftime for those who aren’t interested in the official halftime show.  A casual football toss, trivia game, or a little video game action are great ways to pass the 30 minute half time slot.

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