Alvin ISD Teacher of the Year Announced at End of Year Banquet

The 2011 Teacher of the Year is Robin Murphy from Passmore Elementary and Amanda Singletary from Harby Jr. High. The annual celebration took place Friday June 3rd with over 2000 staff members in attendance. These two outstanding educators will represent the district in the regional competition and hopefully the state competition as well. These two teachers were selected from a pool of 22 excellent teachers that were chosen by their peers to represent Alvin ISD.

The 2010 - 2011 Campus teacher of the year are:

Jane Spakes - Alvin of High School, Carol Hooker - ADAPT, Eric Landgrebe - Manvel High School, Katy Garza - ASSETS Academy, Randy Teal - Alvin Junior High, Patty Coleman - Manvel Junior High, Amanda Singletary - Harby Junior High, Debbie Hunter - Nolan Ryan Junior High, Stacey Polasek May - Fairview Junior High, Kim Robertson - Longfellow Elementary, Lyle Bones - Alvin Elementary, Selina Friedrich - Walt Disney Elementary, Robin Murphy - Passmore Elementary, Gwyn Bray - E.C. Mason Elementary, Tiffany Quinn - Alvin Primary, Renee Ryan - Mark Twain Primary, Kim Wood - Stevenson Primary, Sara Pannell-Fliou - Hood-Case Elementary, Hector Ramirez - Jeter Elementary, Liz Stevens - Mary Marek Elementary, Shelly Dejean - Wilder Elementary, and Pamela Delgado - Savannah Lakes Elementary.

The annual banquet also honored the Paraprofessional of the Year - Eileene Keith from Marek Elementary.Staff members milestone years of service were also honored at the banquet, from 5, 10, and 15 years of service all the way to 30 years of service. Two outstanding staff members were honored for years of service, Carmen Sawyer for 35 years of service and Jane Remington for 45 years of service. Fifty four retirees were also honored. A significant portion of the banquet program was awarding the Alvin ISD Education Campus Grants. The recipients were: Marek Elementary, Alvin Elementary, Savannah Lakes Elementary, Mark Twain Primary, Stevenson Primary, Longfellow Elementary and Manvel High School.

District Superintendent, Dr. Fred Brent said the annual "employee recognition celebration focused on the success of the district as a whole and acknowledged the accomplishments of all Alvin ISD staff members."