Alvin ISD plans 2nd Annual, “The Day,” Community Service Event

community volunteering

    Since school is back in session, there is no better time for community service. This helps students learn the importance of teamwork, service, and spending time in their communities. Lakes of Savannah is excited to help announce Alvin ISD’s second annual Community Service Event called, “The Day,” on September 14, 2019!

The details and logistics of different team service events will be announced within the upcoming weeks, so please follow along on the Alvin ISD website. According to Alvin ISD, the goal for 2019’s Community Service Event is for all 3,400 employees of Alvin ISD to serve alongside the district’s 26,000 students and their parents on this one day. On Alvin ISD’s first ever “The Day”, volunteers completed over 200 service projects by “thousands of Alvin ISD students, parents, and staff.” 

    Community service is a way for parents and children to get to know their communities better. Events like this one give parents an opportunity to work with their children. Children, in turn, have the opportunity to watch their parents set aside their personal time to serve others. This shows children how caring and selfless adults can be, which sets an incredible example for them to follow. Children will also learn about why teamwork is so important. Through this event, they will see adults coordinating and discussing ways to finish their community projects efficiently. Children may even get to see how adults compromise, too, which will be extremely important for when they grow older. 

    There are many benefits to setting this day aside for parents and children in Lakes of Savannah. In short, parents get quality time and children get to see how helpful the adults in their community are. This day will be incredibly encouraging for the children as they begin to understand how important their community is. “The Day” can have a lifelong impression on these children and Lakes of Savannah is excited to help contribute.