Alvin ISD Graduation Rate Tops State and Area

In a report released by the Texas Education Agency, Alvin ISD is heads and tails above the state and Houston Area averages for graduation rates. In 2013, Alvin ISD graduated 94.9% of the senior class, which was 6.9% higher that the state average and 7.5% higher than surrounding Houston area schools. 
“We are extremely proud of the district’s graduation rates because it shows our commitment to providing a quality education for our students and preparing them for their futures by handing each student a diploma,” said Director of Accountability and Assessment, Brent Shaw.

“But what separates Alvin ISD from other districts is our commitment to make sure that our students graduate with one of the top two diplomas offered, the Recommended High School Program (RHSP) and the Distinguished Achievement Program (DAP),” Shaw said.

Alvin ISD’s advanced graduation rate was 92.6%, which was 9.1% higher than the state and 11.2% higher than surrounding Houston area schools.

For both the Recommended High School Program (RHSP) and Distinguished Achievement Program (DAP), students must earn 26 credits. When they complete these requirements, they will most likely have met the core curriculum requirements to enter a major four-year college or university.  In addition, the Distinguished Achievement Program (DAP) recognized students who demonstrate levels of performance equivalent to college students or work done by professionals.

“The expectation in Alvin ISD is to not only graduate every student, but to maximize the opportunities of every student by encouraging them to earn the highest possible degree plan,” Shaw said.

Alvin ISD also has several programs in place that target students at risk of dropping out. The Options program, which is, in essence, a school within a school on the campus of ASSETS Academy, targets students who are either severely behind with their high school credits, and/or students who have dropped out.  In order to gain admission, students must complete an application and undergo an interview process. Once admitted, the student’s transcript is evaluated and a new academic plan is put in place for them. Through the Compass Learning on-line credit recovery system, students work on course completion. Also, students with enough qualifying credits are offered an opportunity to take Compass courses while simultaneously being enrolled at Alvin Community College.

“Through this program, students graduate not only with their high school diplomas, but also a skill set and/or certification in a high skill, high growth career field,” Alvin ISD Completions Coordinator, Nekeisha Girdy said.

Alvin ISD also has a School Completion and Attendance Intervention team, which hosts the annual Back in School Blitz in June.

“This is a great event where the Alvin-Manvel Area Chamber of Commerce, school administrators, community partners, and various other volunteers go out to visit the homes of students who have dropped out of school in an effort to convince them to come back. We have had tremendous success over the year with this initiative!” Attendance Intervention Coordinator, Tammy Taylor said.

“The goal of Alvin ISD is to graduate 100% of our students. With the continued hard work and dedication of our teams, this goal is definitely attainable,” Shaw said.