Alvin High School Student's Haunted House Theme Becomes an Independent Film

The independent film, Jacob is based on a haunted house attraction Larry Wade Carrell created for Halloween in 2002. The Alvin High School alumni’s project was considered unique and better than the other haunted house options because his story is original, whereas the others were based on existing scary movies.

In tribute to Stephen King, Carrell obtained use of the last of the red 1958 Plymouth Fury cars used in the 1983 film adaptation of King's novel Christine. Carrell filmed most of Jacob in parts of Rosenberg, Richmond, and parts of Fort Bend County. "We found places that looked untouched by time," he said.

Carrell stated that the interactive haunted house storyline of an obese teen who’s mental illness drove him to murder used a multi sensory experience, which blurred the lines of reality for participants. “I want to scare their pants off,"" he said about his movie audience. Jacob will premiere at 7:30 p.m. Friday September 30, at the second annual "Splatterfest" of horror films at Alamo Drafthouse Cinema West Oaks in Houston.