Alvin Community College Receives Grand from LyondellBassell

A $1,000 grant was awarded in July to Alvin Community College's Process Technology Environmental, Health and Safety class by industrial firm LyondellBassell.

Douglas Loy, EHS specialist at the LyondellBassell Chocolate Bayou Plant, presented the grant check to Curtis Crabtree during the class, who said funds will be used to purchase emergency response demonstration equipment.

LyondellBassell has been a longtime supporter of the Process Technology Department at ACC. It is also an active member in the Process Technology Alliance Committee, the Community Advisory Committee and Community Advisory Panel.

During his visit, Loy also addressed the EHS class about excelling in studies and speaking with them during future interviews. Alvin Community College is located at 3110 Mustang Road in Alvin. For more information, visit

Source: Ultimate Pearland, Matt Russell