Alvin Community College Hosts Busy Bodies Kids College

Starting June 4, Alvin Community College will kick off their kids summer programs which encompass a wide variety of fascinating topics!

Each class is four days long for children ages 7 through 13. The age requirement varies from camp to camp so be sure to double check that your child is enrolled in the appropriate camp. For example, the finance literacy camp is only for children ages 11 to 13. Camp choices include creative writing, financial literacy, digital photography, electronics, robotics, and engineering. In one of the robotics classes children get to build a robotic blowfish, test it in the laboratory pool, and then get to take it home!

The prices of the camps range from $105 to $225 per student within the Alvin Community College District. There is a $20 charge for those who live out of district. For more information about the Busy Bodies Kids College please call (281) 756-3729 or e-mail