The Advantages of Homeownership

Are you becoming fed up with renting, but asking yourself if homeownership is the next step for your family? While homeownership initially has some larger expenses up front, it is often less expensive over time.

Initial costs to ownership may include a down payment and closing costs. Homeownership also includes recurring costs of property taxes, insurance payments, and maintenance. Regardless of these expenses, there are some great benefits for homeowners.

Financially, you are building equity in your home over time. The value of your home may increase making it an even greater investment. Homeowners are also able to write off certain expenses on their taxes. Taking advantage of current low interest rates also provides financial rewards.

Owning a home provides you with increased security and privacy. You will no longer have a landlord unexpectedly raising the rent or stopping by unannounced. Are you tired of hearing everything that goes on with your neighbors in the rental space? Homeownership provides the needed space between you and your neighbors.

Owning a home means you can make it yours. You are able to make personal renovations or paint those walls whatever color you fancy. Maybe you desire a garden full of flowers or a large patio to host a barbecue.

Staying in one place often leads to increased social contacts. Many people enjoy getting to know their neighbors and often look out for one another. In addition, owning a home often leads to an increase in overall community participation. You have invested in your community and may have the desire to give back through participation and volunteer opportunities.

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